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Sierra REST API Interactive Documentation

The Sierra REST API Interactive Documentation enables you to view API methods and parameters, and generate JSON responses using a developer sandbox. It helps you understand the available resources and design appropriate URLs to retrieve the resources you need. It also enables you to write code and test it without touching your production system. If you would like to use this interactive documentation, you should obtain a sandbox API key.

How to Obtain an API Key for the Innovative Sandbox

  • Follow the steps below or contact your Innovative sales representative to request a sandbox API key:
    • Login to the Innovative supportal and then click this link. --OR--
    • Login and type "API Key" in the search box and follow the "Service Commitment: Request an API Key for Developer's Sandbox" link.
  • Third-party vendors may request a sandbox API key by sending an email to

How to Obtain an API Key at a Library Site

  • Contact the Sierra administrator at your site and request an API key. Your administrator can find instructions on how to do this in the Sierra documentation. The Sierra administrator can use the Sierra administration application to create, enable, and disable Sierra REST API keys. Once you have been issued an API key, you will be able to use it to access the interactive API documentation for your library (e.g., and create software programs that communicate with the API.

Sierra REST API Tutorials