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Innovative Training

Load Profile Sierra and Millennium: Welcome

Introduction to Load Profile Training

The Load Profile Training provides new library staff a solid understanding of Sierra and Millennium load profiles or bring more experienced staff up to date with a load profile refresher training delivered via modular videos.

I am a new to the material. Where do I start?

  • We recommend starting with the first video and watching all videos in the order presented. To track your progress, download the Video Course Checklist in the Documentation section.

I am familiar with the material and need a refresher. Where do I start?

  • Check out the videos in Chapter 13, Starting a Load Profile Project, and Chapter 14, Profiling from Start to Finish – Demonstration of Real World Projects, which provide an overview of load profiling work. Otherwise, start wherever you would like!

How does the video course compare to the “live” Load Profile Training?

  • The video course is available now, and you can progress through the material at your own pace.
  • The video course is a presentation of the same material in the “live” Load Profile Training taught in Year 2022 and Earlier, but re-organized and related subjects are joined into Chapters.
  • There are no exercises on paper or on the computer in the video course.
  • The PowerPoint slides were updated and include a lot more detail. The contents of the updated PowerPoint slides are available in PDF format and available for download in the Documentation section.

How many videos are in the course?

  • The course is comprised of 76 videos.
  • To track your progress, download the Video Course Checklist in the Documentation section.

What is the time commitment for taking the video course?

  • This video course is 8 hours, 16 minutes, 41 seconds in length.
    • After each Chapter title is the total watch time for all videos in the Chapter in either mm:ss or hh:mm:ss format.
    • The “i” information icon after each video title gives video length. There is a Video Course Checklist available in the Documentation that you can use to record your progress and includes the video’s length.
    • To track your progress, download the Video Course Checklist in the Documentation section.

How do you get authorization for load profile maintenance to be enabled for your Sierra system?

If your library/organization already have staff who have received load profile training in the past it is very likely that load profile maintenance is already enabled in your system. If you are the first person at your library/organization to complete load profile training via this eLearning resource and would like authorization for load profile maintenance to be enabled for you please open a Support Ticket.

You can access 'Load Profile Maintenance' and 'Load Records via Local Profiles' options in Sierra's Admin Corner or Millennium's Telnet from the Main Menu, using the following path:

A > ADDITIONAL system functions

M > Read/write MARC records

X > Load Profile Maintenance

Z > Load Records via Local Profiles

Make sure to add Authorization 68 (Load Profile Maintenance) and/or 69 (Load Records via Local Profiles) to your login in Sierra or to your initials in Millennium, to activate these two options.

Start your Load Profile Training here