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SkyRiver: Welcome

Introduction toSkyRiver Training and Learning Resources

What is the SkyRiver Training and Learning Center (SkyTLC)? The SkyRiver Training and Learning Center is a new training website, built on the LibGuides platform, for storing and sharing training resources with our library partners.

What type of resources are included in the SkyRiver Training and Learning Center? We include a variety of training documentation such as training agendas, how to articles and videos, Frequently Asked Questions, recordings of live webinars and links to other useful Innovative resources.

How is the SkyRiver Training and Learning Center organized? The SkyRiver Training and Learning Center is organized by system functionality. Browse training resources by functionality using the tabs at the top - such as searching and editing, macros, exporting records, configuration, RDA options, etc. The Welcome tab provides access to all the training agendas, navigation tips, and training resources news and highlights.

Can I search the Training and Learning CenterUse the search box on the top right corner to search the SkyRiver Training and Learning Center.